The canada goose kensington parka has an aspect that inspires confidence. She has a cut close to the body which provides mobility without limit and can be when even easily slip an another jacket below in the event of extreme cold (-30 ° c) or a goretex above if it is wet. It is very pleasant to wear, canada goose jackets, so much to the sport only to go walking in the city. The down jacket features a drawstring which is very useful to avoid the snow at the bottom of the back. However it is a little short especially length. When one is down, was back on the air. Conversely, it is very well at the level of the wrists, Cheap Canada Goose Jackets, with an elastic band that decided to avoid air inlets but which does not serve the arm.

The jacket has a large hood, which can be easily slip on a hat. The zipper is protected by a cloth, to avoid irritating the skin. And it rises high, so you can really isolate themselves from the cold. Like all canada goose down jackets, this is a jacket hot but fragile. One can easily the burn or tear it up if we cling to any branch. However, after 5 months of use there little son fickle or feathers who wander and not of abnormal wear of the jacket. It is a quality product.


The jacket is available in several colors: pink, black, purple and blue. I tested it in blue and the color is pretty. However, it is a little messy, canada goose jackets, but nothing abnormal. It is available in the sizes XS, S, M, L and XL.

The canada goose kensington parka is perfect for temperatures around-15 ° C with a moderate activity. At the top, it is a little hot, and underneath, canada goose on sale, it is necessary to add an additional layer. Technology Omni – Heat ™ Reflective constitutes a sort of aluminum that reflected its own heat. According the website of Columbia, 35% of the heat is reflected. On the ground, the jacket is very warm, cheap canada goose coats, and well adapted to the temperature-15 ° C and less. On the other hand, it is much too hot to temperatures. The technology works and returns te perfectly your heat, canada goose outlet, but has as big defect do not evacuate perspiration. So we must learn to play well on the different thicknesses of clothing doesn’t end up completely soaked and therefore cold. In conditions such as Hossa, I think that it is complicated to manage a jacket like this (undress by-15 is always complicated to imagine and realize for lambdas people).

For details, all zips are equipped with a cord that can easily grip with gloves to mittens. It is very convenient cold. They are not frozen by the cold, even at-30 ° C. Moreover, canada goose outlet online, closures are made of durable plastic and not metal. They do not break and cause frostbite. It is well appreciable.

Finally the pockets are large, but are still difficult to access when wearing a bag backpack. Indeed, the straps block the zipper. But however, cheap canada goose jackets, it can put a lot of things inside and you do lose them, even open. They are also hot to warm the hands.

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